Ok look at that, this is the end of the queue. School is starting really soon! In addition to my schedule getting crazy again, I have realized that I spend WAY too much time just browsing on tumblr and not enough time making art and writing. Which are kind of my life. In a way, tumblr is killing my creative output. So here’s me stepping out for a while. 

I think all of y’all who actually communicate with me already have contact info or are on TWIG so… see you around.

OH! And follow my art and writing tumblr, if you feel so inclined (please please do), because hopefully that one will become more active. If you want to send me an ask probably do it over there too. 

Okay, I think that’s all. ta-ta!


Val Senales, Vernago Lake, Alto Adige, Italy (by Eifeelgood)

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girls hit on me AND boys hit on me. i explode. i am a piñata

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having fun testing out color palettes! probably won’t have much time to draw when college starts next week eek

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You are God’s. You are not defined by mistakes or accomplishment.


how I got butterflies in my stomach